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Bibliographie / Bibliography

Below, a minute selection of books that may prove of interest. Their appearance here does not constitute an endorsement of the contents. Should readers come across noteworthy books, please advise.

  1. Auguste Bournonville

    My Theatre Life (Memoirs), by A. Bournonville
    Translated by P. N. McAndrew. A& C Black Ltd., publishers, London 1979. Out of print, second-hand copies available. There are Danish, and, I believe, Russian editions in print

    Lettres à la Maison de son enfance, by A. Bournonville
    Munksgaard, 1969 (vols I and II), C. A. Reitzels Boghandel (vol. III), 1978. In French and Danish. Available

    Bournonville and Ballet Technique, Studies on Bournonville's Etudes Chorégraphiques, by E. Bruhn and L. Moore
    A& C Black Ltd., publishers, London 1961. Out of print

    The Bournonville School, by Kirsten Ralov
    Out of print. Cannot find the editor's name at present

    The Bournonville Ballets - A photographic Record 1844-1933, by Knud Arne Juergensen.
    Dance Books, London 1987. Invaluable for the study of mime in the 19th Century. Some of the oldest dance photography extant

  2. Anatomy/Physics

    Anatomie appliquée à la danse, by Georgette Bordier.
    Editions Amphora, Paris 1992

    Gray's Anatomy, by Henry Gray, London 1858.
    Facsimile reprint, Magpie Books, London 1993

    Physics and the Art of Dance, by Prof. Kenneth Laws.
    Oxford University Press (USA), 2002. Professor Laws is a former dancer, and Professor of Physics at an American university

  3. Treatises

    Lettres sur la danse et les arts imitateurs, by Noverre.
    Editions Lieutier, Paris 1952 (in the French language only). Out of print

    Traité de Danse Académique, by Serge Lifar.
    Editions Bordas, Paris 1949 (in the French language only). Out of print

    An Elementary Treatise, by Carlo Blasis, Milan 1820.
    Several editions. In English: Dover Publications, New York, 1968 (out of print ?)

    Studi sulle arti imitatrici, Carlo Blasis, Milan 1844.
    Facisimile, Dance Books. In print, in the Italian language

    Theoretical and practical treatise on dancing, by Gennaro Magri, Naples 1779.
    Dance Books, 1988 (first English edition). Available

    Basic Principles of Classical Ballet, by A. Vaganova.
    English edition: Dover Publications, New York 1969

    Classical Dance - a complete manual of the Cecchetti Method, by Grazioso Cecchetti
    Gremese International (in the English language), 1998. Available

    Classical Ballet Technique, by Gretchen Ward Warren.
    University Press of Florida, 1989. Available

  4. Biographies/autobiographies

    Hans Brenaa, by Bent Schoenberg.
    Dance Books 1990 (Danish and English editions)

    Alexander Pushkin, Master Teacher of Dance, by Gennady Albert.
    NYPL Publishers, 2002. A study of classes by the Maryinskii professor who taught R. Nureyev, Y. Soloviev, M. Baryshnikov, etc.

    Ninette de Valois, by K.S. Walker.
    Hamish Hamilton, London, 1987

    Portrait of Mr. B., by L. Kirstein.
    The Ballet Society - The Viking Press, New York 1984

    Misia - Pariser Erinnerungen, by Misia Sert.
    (In the German language), Rowohlt, 1966. Memoirs of Diaghilev's "muse"

  5. Historical Studies

    Danser avec le IIIe Reich (Dancing with the Third Reich), by Laure Guilbert.
    Editions Complexe, Brussels, 2000. A French historian scrutinises the ideology behind the modern dance movement in Germany in the 1920s and 30s

  6. Aesthetics

    Laocoon, by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1766).
    Hermann éditeurs, Paris 1990. In print in several editions

    Lettres sur l'éducation esthétique de l'homme (Briefe ueber die aesthetische Erziehung des Menschen, 1794), by Friedrich Schiller.
    Aubier Montaigne, Paris (1943). In print

    The Theatre as a Moral Institution (Die Schaubuehne als eine moralische Anstalt betrachtet), 1784, by Friedrich Schiller.
    Many editions, in print

    On the Sublime (Ueber das Erhabene), 1794, and De la grâce et la Dignité (Ueber Anmut und Wuerde) by Friedrich Schiller.
    Many editions in print. In French, available from Editions Sulliver, Arles, 1997 and 1998

    Goethe-Schiller, Correspondance 1794-1805.
    Gallimard, 1994. French edition. In print in many editions

    Musique et Verbe (Ton und Wort), Wilhelm Furtwaengler.
    French edition, Albin Michel, 1979. In print in several editions.