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10 August 2014
An Interview with Yvonne Cartier

26 July 2014
An interview with Esther Gokhale
Certain implications for classical dance of her work on the spine

May 2008
Interview with Liam Scarlett
(Dancer and Choreographer, Royal Ballet)

November 2006
Interview with Jean-Guillaume Bart
(Principal, Paris Opera Ballet)

June 2006
A Conversation with Harvey Hysell
(Hysell School of Ballet, New Orleans)

December 2005
Interview with Eliza Minden
(Founder of ’Gaynor Minden’)

October 2005
A Conversation with Sarah Lamb
(Principal, Royal Ballet)

20 June 2005
An Interview with James Clouser on Injury Prevention
(Some Thoughts on Classical Ballet Training and Injury Prevention)

May 2005
A Conversation with Mikhail Fokine
(Interviewed by Arnold Haskell at Paris in 1934)

March 2005
Interview with Alexandra Ansanelli
(First Soloist, Royal Ballet)

8 August 2004
Interview with Claire Sombert
(Former Etoile)

January 2003
Interview with Jean Guizerix
(Former Etoile de l’Opéra de Paris)

July 2002
Interview with Lloyd Riggins
(Principal, Hamburg Ballet)

July 2002
Interview with Thomas Lund
(Principal, Royal Theatre, Copenhagen)

July 2002
Interview with Elisabeth Maurin
(Principal, Paris Opera Ballet)

July 2002
An interview with Maina Gielgud
(Former head of the Australian Ballet, and the Royal Danish Ballet)

July 2002
Interview with Flemming Ryberg
(Principal Character dancer and Professor, Royal Theatre, Copenhagen)

July 2002
Interview with Yvette Chauviré
(Former Prima Ballerina, Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris )

July 2002
Interview with Hans Brenaa (1910-1988)
(Ballet Master, Royal Theatre, Copenhagen)

July 2002
Interview with Lis Jeppesen
(Professor, Royal Theatre, Copenhagen)