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26 October 2010
Let’s talk Turkey !
Butterball goes to the Ballet

November 2007

November 2007
Wayne McGregor & the Breakfast Oyster at the Palais Garnier

1 May 2007
Fanny Fiat and Diana Cuni: two new Socii Honoris Causa in the Society for the Advancement of the Ideas of Auguste Vestris

April 2007
The Man in the White Suit & Daphne Birnley

March 2007
Mad Dog, Anyone?

March 2007
The Canary Down Imperative - Jérémie Bélingard appointed Etoile

December 2006
A Midnight Modern Conversation
The POB Internal Promotion Concours 2006

December 2006
If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

December 2006
One Plummy Voice, raised in Dissent

24 June 2006
Our Infant Wings

25 March 2006
Reckless the Man!

26 December 2005
More Power to Lopatkina !

15 December 2005
Début of Emilie Cozette in Le Lac des Cygnes

30 October 2005
The Covent Garden Sylphide

6 July 2005
Romeo and Juliet (Nureyev)

July 2005
San Francisco Ballet Tour to Paris

22 May 2005
’Alban Beng’ at the CNSM

May 2005
The Vestris Residence at Chatou

April 2005
What Noverre might have said of Nureyev’s Cinderella

April 2005

January 2005
’Vestris’ replies to the organisers of the Rural Retreat 2005

January 2005
Emmanuel Thibault appointed premier danseur

January 2005
Mélanie Hurel as Florine

December 2004
The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

28 June 2004
La Sylphide (Lacotte/Taglioni)

June 2004
Advanced Forms of Life
amongst the Pterodactyls

February 2004
From Giselle, to Jérôme Bel

January 2004
Hoorah for Captain Spaulding, the African Explorer

January 2004
Faint Thunder

December 2003
Emmanuel Thibault - Gatecrashing the Cocktail Party ?

July 2003
Frequently Asked Questions in July 2003

July 2003
Ill with Romanticism ? Consult Dr. Heine !

June 2003

May 2003

April 2003
La Petite Danseuse de Degas

April 2003
’Legs down, Aurora !’

April 2003
Performance by the Paris Opera School
and CNSM ’Open House’

January 2003
Burning up the Boards

January 2003
Questions to Sylvie Guillem

January 2003
Of Nymphs and Nymphos: ’Sylvia’ at the Bastille